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628 Glen Huon Road,
Glen Huon TAS 7109
0431 474 140

"Thank you so much for a really enjoyable UFO day yesterday, it was terrific. Thanks also for that lovely bowl of delicious soup. Your UFO days are always such good fun – the day always flies by!!"

Natalie G


This is where I share resources that I enjoy in life (quilt-wise and otherwise) and that may be useful to you too.  I wll update as time goes by…


HUON VALLEY THREAD – a local quilting group in the Huon Valley affiliated with the Tasmanian Quilt Guild who meet in members’ homes on alternate Wednesdays from 2-5pm.

A one-off joining fee of $12 (includes insurance) plus $5 each per meeting gives you access to:

  • An active, local group of quilters who share the same passion.
  • Dedicated time, inspiration and stimulation to progress own work.
  • Socialising with a respectful, vibrant and inclusive textile community.
  • Mutual project support, encouragement and ideas… please note, we are not a teaching group. 
  • Contact Cherie or Trish.